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One week England – Sunday, Sept 9 and Monday Sept 10

Our last day, we need to get back to work. There is only one way to start that day: all english! 🙂 To be honest, my mates start their last day with scrambled eggs and salmon.

The day starts a bit misty, have a look at the view outside my window.

After a ride on […]

One week England – Saturday, Sept 8

Again all english breakfast to start the day. I can get used to that, if I am not already.

Heribert is not going to join today, so the 3 of us ride straight north towards Minehead. It’s a nature reserve there, and lovely landscape. We are having various stops on the way to look around […]

One week England – Friday, Sept 7

Breakfast? All english please! 🙂 Lovely.

Today the ride goes to Lands End, not without loosing the next of our group due to an electric defect on his bike.

We are driving all the way to Lands End and have an extraordinary view from the place. Going back we wanted to stop at the best […]

One week England – Thursday, Sept 6

Waking up from the wonderful sing of a number of seagulls around the hotel. Ok, we are at the coast! Having english breakfast in the hotel we wonder about the many German female tourists. They are indeed on a Rosamunde Pilcher tour. To those not familiar with German TV, this is a Sunday evening love […]

One week England – Wednesday, Sept 5

Today we have an early start. We need to make it in time for the train we choose, or better earlier. The plan is to follow the coast in England… and we really want to spend our time there. Finally we make it on the road 8:30am, just to realize for me that I need […]

One week England – Tuesday, Sept 4

The original plan for this first day was to go to work by bike (in the Mainz office) and then continue to Winterspelt. The customer meeting was cancelled last minute, hence I dropped the idea (requiring to carry suit and laptop on the trip) and decided to start 2pm directly to Winterspelt. Weather is fine […]

Eine Woche England – Prolog

Letztes Jahr um diese Zeit ergab sich bei der Abstimmung zum diesjährigen Ziel Lands End. Ja sind die denn alle verrückt geworden? Das sind ja – mehr km als die beiden letzten Jahre zusammen. Ok, die Teilnehmer kommen aus Dänemark, England, Belgien der Schweiz, und Deutschland. Zumindest die nördlichen sind genausoweit gefahren um in den […]