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New settings

I am sorry to say that I have to set up an anti-spam service on this site to get rid of the US spammer services. Since I wrote a few articles in English, I keep getting spam. It is deleted of course but this is a manual activity I really really dislike. With that I hope spam goes away. On the back side, all comments now get stored on a 3rd party server (Akismet), so if you not want that your post is stored there your only option is to email me with your comment or to comment on facebook. All articles are cross-posted to facebook anyway.

2 comments to New settings

  • I got Antispam-Bee. Works fine, about 5 Spams per day need to be moderated manually, more than 40 are recognized automatically. Up to now no false positives that I know of.

    And dream on. You’ll get spam in chinese, kyrillic, english, you name it. No matter hwat language you write in.

    Oh, and no Captchas…

  • Holger

    Hm. I only got englisch spam since I wrote in english, before that I got NO spam.
    And I still only get english spam. But I don’t see it any longer so it’s ok 🙂

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