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One week England – Wednesday, Sept 5

Today we have an early start. We need to make it in time for the train we choose, or better earlier. The plan is to follow the coast in England… and we really want to spend our time there. Finally we make it on the road 8:30am, just to realize for me that I need to refuel. And to use my new rain suit, as there is a lot of wet and fog in the air. Hm. Only a few km later sun comes out but it still is pretty cool. We ride towards Brussels (all motorway), refuel after Brussels and I finally stow the rain suit away for the rest of the trip. At the train terminal the check in explains that we may choose 1 train earlier than planned at no charge. Great – that’s why we bought the flexible tickets in the first place. After a short check for explosives at customs we board the train. All in all it only takes 1 hour to arrive in Folkestone. We see great weather, and it is warm. WOW! First stop in Hythe on the beach, not a poor area for sure. Then we follow the coast to Brighton, with some sightseeing stops in between.  We planned to stay in a B&B there, but when we finally arrive we are out of luck and rest in the Mercure at a horrible price. 10h riding time, 590km total, we are exhausted but find our way in a pub close buy, fish&chips and ale. We are in England. Well, really? By the weather, the look and feel this could well be Nice, France. See the pictures of the day.


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