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One week England – Thursday, Sept 6

Waking up from the wonderful sing of a number of seagulls around the hotel. Ok, we are at the coast! Having english breakfast in the hotel we wonder about the many German female tourists. They are indeed on a Rosamunde Pilcher tour. To those not familiar with German TV, this is a Sunday evening love & intrigues movie series being recorded in Cornwall. Funny.

After breakfast I am looking for an ATM and finally we leave going west, still along the coast. We move around Southampton using bigger roads and enjoy lunch in the Cliff House on the coast. Again a scene that could come directly out of on the movies and great fresh fish.

We continue to Poole, again an area where we feel money is sitting on the street. The big surprise comes with the ferry, pulling itself across the water on chains (~700m distance). After that we come to a toll road where I don’t understand the concept that motor bike riders shall use the bicycle lane to go around the toll gate, at no fee for the ride. Hey, I will come back to this place 🙂 A very nice road brings us back towards the countryside and I don’t trust my ears on the typical sound of a steam driven locomotive just starting the journey. Harry Potter is around, for sure!

Some later time during the day we give up on the coast and select quicker roads. The end gets very interesting – the roads get smaller and smaller. Finally we arrive at 6pm after 362km, 9h30 riding and are still the first from the group. But only a few minutes later our mates arrive as well, except one – we find out later he was knocked off the bike by a guy from behind. As if a gold wing could be overseen due to it’s tiny footprint!?! Happily, he is not really hurt.


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