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One week England – Friday, Sept 7

Breakfast? All english please! 🙂 Lovely.

Today the ride goes to Lands End, not without loosing the next of our group due to an electric defect on his bike.

We are driving all the way to Lands End and have an extraordinary view from the place. Going back we wanted to stop at the best fish and chip place around, however time is running and so we eat at Mt St Helen enjoying the low tide, people crossing on the trail, and a very handsome weather.

On the way back we stop by the hotel where our crashed friend is staying – he is really not hurt – and arrive back after 8pm, 368km, 11h riding

The landscape is just great, I could spend a few more days looking around!

Oh yes, in the evening it is the first dish not fish & chips for me: Roasted Lamb with mint! Slurp!

Something that comes back to my mind: MANY houses are on sale, most likely holiday homes. And there are posts saying „No giant windmill generators in our area“. And there are only a few of them despite the constant wind.

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