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One week England – Saturday, Sept 8

Again all english breakfast to start the day. I can get used to that, if I am not already.

Heribert is not going to join today, so the 3 of us ride straight north towards Minehead. It’s a nature reserve there, and lovely landscape. We are having various stops on the way to look around and take pictures.The first is on the road, a lovely house with a very special roof. Then we stop in a small town with a lovely church and good food (I had a chicken mushroom pie). Interesting car park there 😉

After that we stop in Lynmouth, and we are taking a ride in the water powered cliff railway (29% incline, 500 feet gain). See our video of the ride on youtube. The ice cream there is nice as well, and the harbor with low water and all ships being on ground is looking so odd!

At the end, we decide to have a look at Arthurs castle @ Tintagel – what a disappointment. This is a modern hotel only… for more see Some say this place is run by Scientology, I can’t verify, but some actors with that background have placed pictures of themselves in the place. The whole place looks totally modern, all old charm we saw on the way is gone. Definitely not recommended! The last picture in the set below shows whats left of the castle.

The way back is through some sort of moor, today used as farmland. We see pigs, cows, horses, and sheep all around free – and some on the road! 370km, 10h50 riding, back past 8pm, the only thing thats missing is some fresh fish and ale, to be corrected in the pub of the Durant Arms 🙂



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