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One week England – Sunday, Sept 9 and Monday Sept 10

Our last day, we need to get back to work. There is only one way to start that day: all english! 🙂 To be honest, my mates start their last day with scrambled eggs and salmon.

The day starts a bit misty, have a look at the view outside my window.

After a ride on major roads towards London we reach Stonehenge and take a visit. Worthwhile the time spent! The audio guide is VERY detailed, so we abandon it pretty quickly.

After that we split up by destination, I am going to the tunnel with 2 of the guys. On the way we got caught by a traffic jam (due to an accident), and my bike overheats (pretty warm, stop & go). To avoid problems I pass the others, press myself in the queue at the very last moment and continue for a few miles to a service where I take a cooling break. The others pass me so we only meet at the tunnel terminal. Ok, we could have done better.

After the passage in the train we continue in dense traffic, thanks to a lot of Belgians that shared our idea to use the good weather for a short trip. After Brussels traffic clears up, and a minute to midnight we are back in Winterspelt. The fireplace is a very welcome thing, the air is ******* cold!

Next morning after (German) breakfast we start for the last leg, Heribert back to Rüsselsheim, and me back to my place in Weil.

Sunday: 865km, 12h; Monday: 390km, 4h30

After all, we traveled 3514km according to my GPS (plus 100 in the tunnel). I spent 106€ on the train, 345€ on fuel, and 580€ on hotel and food. It was definitely worthwhile the effort and money!

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