A weekend in Allgäu, Ammergauer Alpen, and Karwendel

Some ages ago Ralph and myself found a free weekend for a motorbike tour. The only weekend this summer – Oct 5-7. Ok, it’s almost certain it won’t rain that late in summer, no?

Ups. It’s Oct 4 already, and our preparations were so far to book a room at http://www.landhaus-grobert.de Somehow I remembered that we did a tour in the region almost 3 years ago. With that I clicked a few tours together to get us there, around, and back on minor roads where possible. Loaded in the GPS, Ralph is already here picking me up.

Not too bad, we have a sunny Friday afternoon, so we leave heading south towards Beuron. A few miles on ugly roads with loads of traffic followed by a nice ride through dense autumn forest. Pictures taken at a coffee break short before Beuron.


After that we drove across Schwäbische Alb to Bregenz, and used the road across Pfänder to the north. This is a small and windy path, with advanced driving skills required. It offers a view on obviously rich people houses and a spectacular view on Bodensee – especially in the evening 😉

The end of the day is the trip to Landhaus Grobert, some local beer and a very nice salad with a filet from pikeperch (Zanderfilet).

On Saturday we continue after a nice breakfast to Pfronten and further south across Gaichtpass towards Stanzach. There we turn to the east into „Namloser Tal“ (nameless valley).


Beautiful landscape, beginning of autumn, colorful leaves with a nice light setting. What else do you want? Oh, of course no traffic. Well, we got all of that 🙂 Some time later pass by the lovely Plansee, reach (and leave) Garmisch, and finally at Mittenwald we turn south towards Telfs. This is a turn around „Katzenkopf“. The turn itself is not that interesting, but the restaurant „Naturwirt“ offered some nice light food.

From there we use a small toll road to Vorderriss, and have a look at „Großer Ahornboden“ (again a toll road). Unfortunately we don’t get to see the beautiful red leaves of late autumn, but it’s still a very nice view! And there were a lot of people joining that viewpoint 😉 To complete the trip, we use the last toll road for the day to go from Lenggries to the south side of Walchensee, and from there we finally reach back to the hotel!


Just in time for a very nice dinner. See yourself 😉


About Sunday: well, it was cold, wet, and windy. Properly packed in an additional rain suit we get back from Seeg to my place in about 4h30, and Ralph continues his part of the Michelin man return in another 30 minutes.


3 thoughts on “A weekend in Allgäu, Ammergauer Alpen, and Karwendel

  1. Huch, da ist ja neuerdings richtig was los hier. Zufällig waren wir in einer sehr ähnlichen Gegend vergangene Woche. Details folgen in den nächsten Tagen an bekannter Stelle. BTW, das Hahntennjoch war befahrbar 😛

  2. Ei klar ist hier was los, Peter. Nur nicht nur mit Mopped.
    Seit der IFTTT richtig tut, poste ich hier wesentliches und lasse es per IFTTT nach FB posten, und unwesentliches kommt dortselbst hin.

  3. Wg Hanhtennjoch: Das bin ich schon sooooo oft gefehren, wir wollten diesmal Pisten fahren wo wir noch nicht wirklich waren.

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